week 1

The market had a slight c(rash) this week as technology shares traded lower (sorry Catherine Wood?). As funds rotated out of AI and microchip markets, Roth IRA holders clutched their pearls and held back tears in solidarity with Catherine Woods (ARKK down 10% this week). Other woeful news for this market - Elon gave battery company Tesla a twitter ( ahem, sorry /“X/”) style buzz cut, shaving 14k people from their roster. Some say it’s because Elon hopes to trade up for a first round pick in next week's NFL draft. It doesn’t end there - the Fed is also fixated on weight loss - this week stating that the CPI came in too hot for another rate cut this quarter. When asked for a statement on this matter, Powell simply stated “she’s like a Latina. A hundred men will lose their jobs before she calms down.” No worries Big J we can always wait for a Latina (For legal reasons this is a joke). Shoutout Iran for making some moves (moved defense stocks sub 1%), guess we’re bearish on the war economy? GOLD tho! We up fs. Sorry sorry. I got excited. Gold was up sharply as oil shares shot up as well. Just like the iron dome missles. Tensions appeared to have ease-realled for now (Iran claims they are done responding).