What if every piece in your wardrobe was an investment piece?


Would that change your purchasing habits?

It’s certainly made us stop and think about what we spend our money on. As much as we love a good sale, it’s not a bargain if we don’t need it. So when the brain actually finds pleasure in scoring a bargain, how can we make better decisions when it comes to clothes shopping?

Starting with mindset 

I have no problem appreciating something without owning it.

Yes it may look nice, be cheap, or maybe even be both, but are you actually going to wear it?

3 practical tips for finding investment pieces

1. If you can’t be bothered trying it on, you probably don’t need it.

2. Have a list – know what you’re looking for so you don’t end up buying something that’s just ok. It should make you feel amazing (yes, even if it’s just a plain white t-shirt!).

3. Stay away from synthetic fabrics e.g. polyester and rayon, because they are treated with toxic chemicals, trap odour and sweat, and aren’t biodegradable.  Always check the labels 🔍

How many times do you need to wear it to get ‘your money’s worth’?

Some people say 30 wears (based on The True Cost documentary), which is a great start.

But also consider, are you going to wear this until it breaks / wears out / needs repairing? After all, if you’re not committed, then why spend the money?

What about trendy items?

If your personal style is trend driven then you’ll probably be shopping more than the average person. So it may be helpful to remind yourself of what you already own that you could reuse, or searching for vintage items (after all trends do tend to be cyclical).

Or you know, you could just not follow that trend 😉

As always, quality over quantity.