What if every piece in your wardrobe was an investment piece?

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I used to follow the common advice of buying a few ‘investment pieces’ and then getting everything else as cheaply as possible. Unsurprisingly the everything else pile would be barely worn and those items would always be the first to go if I needed to make space.

Honestly, I thought it was normal. But it doesn’t need to be like this. A wardrobe filled with your favourite items is smaller, costs less to build and maintain, and most importantly, makes it so much easier to figure out what to wear! Win, win, win 😊

After much trial and error (and $$$ spent) this is the framework I use to decide if something is worth buying…

1 Does this fill a gap in my wardrobe? If not, pause, and come back to this in 30 days.

2 If it does, is the item predominately made from a natural fabric e.g. cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, linen etc? If yes, proceed. If not, stop 🛑. I prefer natural fibres because they feel nicer on the skin, and generally don’t contain toxic chemicals.

3 Ok, then let’s look at the design. There’s 2 components – quality and originality. Quality is visible in the construction of the item, like the seams, the stitching, the attention to detail. Originality is uniqueness of the design itself. Both of these are worth paying for 😀

4 Finally, labour, are the people who made the item being paid a fair wage and working in safe conditions?

Oh and one last thing before I hand over my money, am I going to wear this until it breaks / wears out / needs repairing? I mean if you’re not committed, then why spend the money?


Want help applying this to your closet? Get in touch: hello@alpacacap.com