Who we are

Hi there! My name is Liya Xu. I’m the founder and CEO. 

I went to James Ruse Agricultural High School and then to the University of Sydney to get my Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degrees. I am admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and I am a CFA charterholder. My professional background is in strategy, banking and investment management.

Everything at Alpaca Capital is grounded in financial, economic, and strategy theory, and tested in real life.

I currently live in California.

Our values

We know your money isn’t like any other product or service so we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

If we wouldn’t recommend it to our mums, dads, friends or use it ourselves, we won’t recommend it to you.

Simple doesn’t mean simplistic, you can have a credit card, you don’t need a budget, you can invest in things which are not diversified index funds…(the list goes on).

Simple means reducing the information overload so you can act with greater confidence.


Contact us: hello@alpacacap.com


Disclaimer: We provide useful information, not financial advice 😎

We’ve invested in Australian and US financial markets, real estate, cryptocurrency, and traded options. We’ve also used a variety of budgeting tools, credit cards, superannuation / retirement accounts, comparison websites, and genuinely like talking about finance 😅.