Sharing is caring, end of 2018 edition

I’ve always enjoyed the pause between Christmas and New Years, a couple of days of relative quiet in an otherwise busy holiday season. A great time to devour all those ‘best of’ articles and videos. Speaking of, here are my top picks for 2018:


Goop & the wellness trend. I don’t know about you but I find Goop fascinating –

A perspective on the future of tech from a well known venture capitalist –

Stella McCartney & sustainable fashion, a different take on what luxury fashion is –

Amazon shareholder letters –


Samin seems lovely, her approach to beauty is refreshing, and her Netflix show (Salt, Fact, Acid, Heat) is 👍 –

Caroline Hirons, skincare queen –

Liah Yoo, I like her skincare line, Krave Beauty, and skincare philosophy –


The Anna Edit for real life (aka wearable) capsule wardrobes and general good vibes –

Elizabeth Suzann Money Talk, written in 2017, yes I’m late to the party, but an insightful piece on the cost of clothing –

When you have a couple of spare hours 😅 because who doesn’t like checking out other people’s houses? or reading about what other people spend their money on 😏