The discovery diamond

How do you decide whether something is worth your time or money?

When you don’t have a decision making framework how do you know if you’re making a good or bad decision?

From deciding whether to buy a product or service to whether an analyst / blogger / influencer is worth following, here’s a framework I’ve found useful. I call it the discovery diamond πŸ”·

πŸ’‘Discovery is the moment when you realise you want to or need to learn about something.

🌈 Analysis is when you want to try everything. Ok, perhaps not everything, but a lot of different things.

🧐 Synthesis is all about optimisation. You start to determine what’s important and what’s just fluff.

πŸ€“ Finally, curation. Keeping the best and ditching the rest.

So how do you get to the destination faster?

Sometimes it’s about the journey, but many other times it’s about getting to the destination. Indeed, getting an answer faster may save you many misspent dollars. So how can you get answers faster?

  1. Consult an expert – depending on the topic this could be a doctor, lawyer, blogger, you get the drift…
  2. Ask better questions – what exactly are you looking to answer?
  3. Test and learn quickly – use the power of feedback loops (a topic which we’ll save for a later date πŸ˜‰)

How do you make decisions?